Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This boy turned 10 months old last Saturday. I think because Amber was here for a month and it felt like vacation, I figured Emory would skip a month of getting older or something, but no. That certainly didn't happen and he's going to be a year old in 2 short months! It's so hard to believe how fast time flies, and sometimes that's hard for me because I don't take change well, but thankfully, I have the sweetest little boy who is so much fun at every new stage that the transition becomes easier.

at 10 months, Emory Shawn

*eats everything but lettuce and hard vegetables (his favorite foods include hot Italian sausage spaghetti, tacos with spicy meat or beans or both, Belgian waffles with all the best toppings, fruit galore, vegetables, and of course, cheerios)
*finally has two bottom teeth (CELEBRATIONS!) and more on the way
*moves his mouth and really tries to imitate word noises
*speaking of talking, he loooves to talk while eating
*says "da-da" and "yeah-yeah" and other 2-syllable repetitive sounds
*does. not. crawl. we can't figure this one out, but despite all our encouragement, the boy refuses to become mobile, and I think our efforts make him fight against it even more (stubborn, no?)
*gives hugs and kisses--big, wet ones
*prefers to drink out of a spray bottle (thanks for that one, Amber)
*is terrified of the car wash and not fond of elevators
*shakes his head yes and no
*loves to be read to, particularly his book Toes, Ears and Nose
*uses his left and right hands interchangeably
*is extremely interested in ears
*hates the heat
*has started major separation anxiety screaming in the middle of the night episodes
*is still a redhead
*loves popsicles

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