Thursday, July 1, 2010

saying goodbye

The day that Amber left was really hard on all of us. We had her with us for a month--probably the longest I've been around one of my family members since right after my mission, but for the past 6 years or so, a month around one of my sisters seems like so long. And it was wonderful.

All day after we left her in line to board her plane, Emory looked for his auntie in the car, in the kitchen, and in his room. And all day, all we could say is "we miss Amber." I especially missed her while watching The Bachelorette. Jon is a good tv buddy and all, and he's so kind and considerate about getting into this ridiculous show with me, but there's nothing quite like watching it with my sister, or sisters, if I happen to be in Washington. Shockingly, even Paisley seems to notice Amber's absence in our house.

But instead of dwelling on how sad we are that she isn't here anymore, we want to thank her for coming to stay with us for so long. Here's just a little list of the joys Amber brought to our lives:
-ice cream
-live-in babysitter
-fun, fun, fun
-someone to take sides in our arguments (though she's so diplomatic and fair, really)
-teenybopper tv shows and movies (and someone to convince us to finally watch the Twilight movies)
-menu-decider/ helper/ accomplisher
-workout buddy
-fabulous salad chef
-another dish doer
-constant entertainment for Emory
-tennis, tennis, tennis!
-company for me while Jon worked or did homework
-shopping comrade
-etc., etc., etc.

We love you and miss you, Amber! Come stay with us any time.
Now if we could only convince Kendal to come...

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