Friday, June 11, 2010

amber's getting really good at tennis

not today though, since it's raining (but that's okay since we need rain around these parts)

Jon is giving her lessons, and she's certainly a promising candidate for making more than the freshman team at Everett High next year. Now all she needs is a real racket and a practice buddy until we move back and she can have more frequent lessons. But seriously, she's a fast learner and such a natural.

When it's not my turn to play, Emory and I stay entertained and happy with snacks, watching the lesson, and practicing with a tennis ball to turn our little man into a star player.

Jon is a really really good coach--he knows just how to tweak his students' game to make it better, and he's so patient. (I should know since he taught me everything I know about tennis, and I'm certainly not patient, especially when it involves learning a new skill). Now all he needs is to work back towards getting to play again since he misses it so much and has dubbed this summer "the summer of tennis," even if his back only allows him to play at my level. Maybe setting a date for getting a new racket would be motivating?

Love tennis. Love green. Love family. Love crumby kisses.

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