Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sick boy

poor little man caught a virus somehow, and he's been so miserable for the past couple days, feverish, in pain, restless, not eating--losing weight, crying, you name it.

he'll only sleep decently with us, so last night we partied for a few hours, taking photos around 3:30 am to document his first illness

and tonight, he finally relaxed enough to fall asleep on his daddy's lap after hours and hours of trying to get him to calm down. poor thing. jon has already made plans to "sleep" in the rocking chair

get better soon, emory, we miss our happy boy!


  1. I saw you leave a comment on Cjane and I had to visit because my name is Meghan and my husband is Jon spelled the same way. It confuses a lot of people that I have the 'H' and he doesn't. Anyway, your baby is darling I hope he feels better soon.

  2. oh, poor little Emory :0( It's so hard on everyone when a baby gets sick. Hopefully he'll get feeling better SOON!!

  3. The first time Maeby was really sick I could only get her to sleep if she was with me on the couch. One day she was SUPER cranky and crying and I couldn't get her to stop and did everything I could think of. I resigned myself to holding her on the couch to try to get her to sleep and to help me pass the time I put in the first season of 30Rock - as soon as the theme music started she calmed down and went right to sleep. It was amazing - works every time (or did until she discovered Toy Story).

    I hope the poor guy feels better soon. Hang in there.