Monday, August 30, 2010

proof of exhaustion

Emory (also exhausted and currently snoozing) got hold of a pen tonight, sometime during both of his parents zoning out after the longest trip from Washington to Utah in history and one of the biggest Costco runs of his life. At least he was pleased with his handiwork, and at least it washed off well. And thankfully we caught the culprit before it got too out of hand.

Now we have a bajillion things to sort through and organize, to keep our sanity now and help it in December. And the best news is that Jon goes back to class tomorrow, beginning his blessed last semester at Westminster. We have loved our busy, travel-filled summer, but I think we're excited to hunker down at home for a few months. Fall is just around the corner here, and we could smell it and feel it in the chilly air today, and see it in the golden, almost harvested fields of northern Utah. Cheers to the next 4 months of our lives!

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