Sunday, September 5, 2010

quite the bash for a little man

One of the best parts about being in Washington for so long during August included celebrating Emory's birthday with our families. Needless to say, we're still adjusting from all the spoiling the kid received now that we are back in Utah and on our own with him, but how could we not love seeing him so adored and sharing that with our closest family members? We held the bash on Monday before the big day, 3 days shy of a whole year, thinking we would be gone by his actual birthday. Timing worked out great for Monday because Auntie Jessalin and Jonas had the day off came to party with us. Also in attendance, Nunu and Joy, Nanny, Papuka Kenny, Honey-ma, and aunties Kendal and Amber. Hours of preparation, too much food, bajillions of presents, a decadent chocolate cake, and one exhausted kid later, we called it a night.

Emory opening his first gift of the day, in true birthday morning, sleepy style

modeling his birthday duds

preparations, preparations
for the

meltdown #1 of the night, check! apparently after opening his music and lights mirror for the car, he didn't want to see the rest of the gifts(but he's so cute with that pouty lip)

The most entertaining part of the night was indeed the big cake scene, but not because Emory did what most one-year-olds do. Instead, he threw an absolute fit over his hands being covered in frosting and had to be whisked away to the bath and bed. Then the rest of us enjoyed the cake more than enough in his absence.

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  1. A D O R A B L E...and I wouldn't have expected anything less :0) I especially loved all the bright colors. SO cute!!