Wednesday, September 29, 2010

growing up

bath time the other night

Emory naps for hours (3 1/2) these days, and its while Jon is at school. You'd think I'd use that time to start my new throw blanket for our couch, but somehow I haven't yet found the motivation to wash the fabric. Instead, the time is usually pretty quiet for me, and these solitary moments are really a treat. During my quiet time in the past couple days, I've thought about how much my baby is growing up. And much of this maturing has happened just in the past week or so. It was two Sundays ago, a week before Emory reached 13 months that I breastfed him for the last time. While I'm thrilled feel like my body is once again my own, I miss those few minutes each morning with my baby. And though the little man has been so slow to gain mobility, he's been crawling all over the place since this past weekend. I'm so accustomed to a baby who stays in the same place, that it surprises me when I leave the room and come back a minute later to find Emory chasing Paisley or playing with something naughty, like the lamp cord. And though he's incredibly cautious (as in, he WILL not walk holding only one of our hands; instead, he panics if he's not holding onto both hands), he'll be walking soon, too. He's already a pro at walking along the wall and all the furniture. I am even (sometimes) informed at the end of a meal when a little baby voice says "done," followed by a sigh for having finished his sippy cup of milk as a chaser to his food. (I much prefer this to the also frequent throw of the cup to the floor). These milestones plus his first haircut have all come into little Emory's life in the past not even 2 weeks. I love every new stage, but I won't lie, I still miss holding my baby as a completely dependent newborn. At least he has given me a long time to adjust to the idea of his independence, since he's a late bloomer and all.

adventures under the table after dinner last night

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  1. Watching them grow up is so bitter-sweet, eh? Sometimes I think of Brie being all grown up and no longer our jabbering, giggly little toddler :0( It's good that they grow, but sad...and that's good too I guess. It reminds us to treasure the moments as they come. In any case, it's fun to hear about Emory's new milestones!