Monday, September 27, 2010

summer shenanigans: the boat.

Oh, the boat. After we towed the vessel from Utah to Washington (not knowing about 35 gallons of old fuel and several gallons of melted snow that came along for the ride) Jon (and Kenny and Jon Pearce and Jon Sr. and uncles John and Randy with encouragement and aid from Joy, Nanny, Emory, Kendal, Amber, my mom, and me) worked on this thing for 3 weeks and finally, FINALLY got it running. (It was tricky and involved solving one problem after another).

notice: how much our kid is obsessed with the boat. and how much he looks like his nunu

notice: the launch and the maiden and second voyages.

notice: the second voyage cut short (after about 5 minutes). notice us trying to row back to shore with no luck.

notice: we got back to Emory (who, have no fear, was well-cared for during our absence) on the beach thanks to Jon Sr. asking some kind men to come rescue us with their running boat and our measly rope.

until December, boat.

*Jon is making me say that to his credit, the boat does now run, it just doesn't move. (spun prop?)

(I like parentheses too much tonight)

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  1. Emory just gets cuter and cuter! I love how enthralled he is looking in the boat!!