Thursday, September 23, 2010

it's fall

Have I mentioned that autumn is my favorite season? And that we bought our second annual cinnamon broom the other day and it fills our living space with the warm, robust smell of a wonderful fall spice? Ahhh, and Utah welcomed fall yesterday with thunderstorms, rain, wind, cool temperatures, and even a little hail. Heaven, I tell you. We went running in the rain last night and I swear the smell and cleansed air gave me more energy. Plus Emory got to wear his new jacket for the first time: adorable.

season's bests so far:

anticipating leaves changing--we can't wait to drive Scenic Byway 12 again in October

fall storms

Emory wearing real dress clothes (ignore that the shirt is actually a springy color because he's adorable)

return of the pumpkin king hat

sweater and jacket weather

opening the doors for the fresh, crisp air

jeans by day, socks in bed at night (at least for Emory, since he doesn't keep a blanket on his body)

I'm pretty sure I need to make some pumpkin bread in the next couple days to truly welcome the season in style. That and roast some squash. Mmmmm, fall.

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