Monday, September 13, 2010

summer shenanigans: the only day we spent in seattle?!

Somehow, in all the trips we took to Washington this summer, we only spent one day in our favorite city. At least it was a gorgeous day. We started at the Shakespeare in the Park festival; unfortunately, we got there halfway through the play and couldn't hear well enough to catch on... Emory seems to be the only one watching.

Then our critter-obsessed kid caught sight of a dog and Amber obliged.

We ventured to the fish market in Ballard and ended up with more than the crab sought... a walk around the docks and french fries to share. Plus an adventure hanging out the moon-roof taking photos of the car pile-up waiting for a boat to pass under the draw bridge.

And, caught on camera, Kendal rocking driving the volvo across 5 lanes of traffic on I-5 north.

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