Monday, November 1, 2010

mais, oui!

For the past several years (probably since high school with the exception of our first Halloween married), I haven't really gotten into Halloween at all. But it's so much more fun with a kid. I got an idea and had a vision of Emory as a little Frenchman, and since having 3 to coordinate is even better than fussing only over the little man, you'd better believe we all dressed alike. We rocked the trunk-or-treat.

I might be pretty proud of the berets Jon and Emory wore... I couldn't find a reasonable crochet pattern so I made up my own, without having ever crocheted in the round before. And miraculously, Emory's fit perfectly, even though he was asleep when I made it.

We got really into things this year and had the perfect set up for our trunk, complete with a wire Eiffel Tower and a French music CD to play over the stereo. And then the people in charge decided that it's not okay to trick-or-treat in the rain (more like next-to-nothing sprinkle) and moved things inside. (I guess most people didn't grow up in Seattle area). We took what decorations we could inside.

Things got really crowded and loud and hot, but as long as Emory kept one piece of candy in his hand, he survived.

Oh, and his friend Abe was a redheaded Elvis. Hilarious.

Then on actual Halloween, with Emory as the only one in costume, we took photos outside. Including some in the Mercedes since his outfit matched the car.

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  1. Meghan!!! Too funny!! You guys totally crack me up, I love the pictures, you are so CLEVER!!! LOVE IT!!!