Sunday, October 31, 2010

just because it's still october

I had a birthday this month. It was a little while ago now, but I'm still worth celebrating, right?

I woke up to decorations and presents galore.

and a really cranky kid (a much different scene from last year)

who spent my birthday getting down to business, Emory style

Jon scored big time once again, with this gorgeous bouquet from our favorite florist
(this photo was taken a week later and even now, the arrangement is still beautiful)

I got to get a glorious 90-minute massage and spend time in the steam room at the Kura Door, thanks to Jessica

and my birthday night, we celebrated by eating a decadent full course dinner at La Caille, though it was much more an experience than a meal

Then we spent the next several days still in party-mode, with Rachel and Lee taking us out to dinner and then hosting a party for me the night after that. I'm seriously so spoiled.

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