Wednesday, December 29, 2010


or the number of months lived by Emory in the world.

I'm not sure how much the little man weighs or how tall he is, but at his 15 month appointment, I think he had grown more than a pound in 3 weeks or so and weighed 21 lbs, 14 oz. I'm guessing that with all the treats and rich holiday foods that have been around for the past few weeks, he's up to at least 23 lbs.

In other news, Emory's accomplishments as of late are:
*signing like crazy to communicate: more, please (yay! finally!), eat, milk, and something that resembles his own version of all done
*saying few words outside of signing--with that in mind, ball is his very favorite, and he says it all the day long
*wanting to do everything his dad does
*imaginary talking on one of his many cell phones
*walking, though it's still just becoming a more enticing form of transportation
*using his own language to try to imitate sounds we make
*riding mini Mia, the pony
*charming grandparents and aunties galore
*loving his band in a box toy he got for Christmas
*dancing to most music he hears or makes
*singing, especially singing himself to sleep at night with his little music box giraffe
*sporting some looong hair--we may actually give in and get it cut

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