Monday, December 27, 2010

two christmases

We started out at my mom's house after waking up on Camano Island, changing Emory's diaper, brushing our teeth, and leaving with a sippy cup full of smoothie for the car ride. Greeted by the beautiful tree and new-pajama clad, we settled in to unwrap stocking prizes and munch on goodies.

Emory loved opening presents, but Amber had to remind him several times that the paper wasn't the goods. After getting interested in what was once inside the wrapping, we would only take it away to make him open another gift. The whole process must be pretty overwhelming for a little guy, if you think about it.

Then with the table set, we devoured our gourmet breakfast of eggs benedict with dungeness crab and spinach as accompaniments. (Possibly the most decadent and delicious Christmas tradition my family shares).

Finally, (everyone had to wait for me to satisfy my hungry belly) we opened gifts. I love exchanging gifts as a close family because we all know each other pretty well, and it's a treat to share with those we love.

We arrived at our second Christmas morning mid-day, and after showering dug into the gifts at the Beutler's house.

And spent the rest of the day preparing the Christmas feast: standing rib roast, bussels sprouts browned with cheese, sauteed mushrooms, ratatouille, rolls I made the day before, and a couple vegan dishes including yummy mashed potatoes and fabulous apple pie with coconut milk ice cream.

Cooking time may or may not have included playing with new toys.

We love having both our families close together and being able to share big holiday dinners with those we love the most. It's always a little sad when Christmas is over, but the new year brings new adventures. We have some big decisions to make coming up, so we know 2011 will be full of changes (hopefully mostly good ones) for our lives.

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  1. Oh that is so fun to be by both of your families now! And your picture is adorable! I love it of the three of you.