Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the big move: it happened

After living in chaos for a couple weeks, the hired movers (great decision) arrived around 10 am on the 16th to load the truck. Things remained chaotic until around the time my mom took Emory for a stroll around the store and I was really able to finish packing all the odds and ends left out of other boxes. Five or so hours and two packed full cars later, we left Utah.

By the time the movers rolled onto Camano Island on Saturday morning, I felt like we were old friends. Cheers to Al and Juan for being so great and patient with me, and for packing our storage unit so that we can walk all the way through, with prioritized boxes easily accessible.

During all the packing, I think I upset Emory for my lack of focus on him. So, for the past week or so, he prefers everyone but me--especially Jon. I'm not going to lie and say that it doesn't sting a little, but we're working it out and I think we're better friends this week. The little man is, as always, adorable, and he's such a sponge right now. Thankfully now he can learn more valuable things than how to pack a box or be immensely stressed.

And now, my focus is on family and Christmas. Finally! I hope to really relax and enjoy this week with those I love the most.

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