Friday, December 10, 2010

is it silly that i'm scared to now be committed to follow through?

By now, you all know that we're moving to Washington next week, since it's all I've talked about for the last several times I've actually managed to share something in the blog world. The thing is, as much as we love the Pacific Northwest (duh), we've also really grown to love so much about Utah, most importantly the friendships we've made here. And to be honest, one of the things I fear the absolute most is losing contact with people we love because of distance. So in my attempt to keep friendship alive, I've decided to jump start the process even before we actually leave by sending Christmas cards. My hope is that by doing so, I'll start an actual, yearly tradition for our family. I know it's a little crazy, considering our move that's happening in a week, but call me insane, I really want to make it happen. And let's be real here, this time of year is pricey, especially with a move, and Christmas cards add to the cost. Enter: Shutterfly's promotion for free Christmas cards for bloggers. Their designs are seemingly endless and visually appealing!

If we were staying in Utah, or if we had infinitely more time, we would host a holiday party (we've wanted to for our past 3 Christmases now and haven't so far), and though I didn't know about these invitations before, we'd use them. And just so Jon doesn't think I'll forget about his birthday this year with all we have going on (it's right after Christmas), I'm reminding myself now to order him customized birthday card from Emory. Because who wouldn't want to see this mug tied to a birthday gift?


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