Thursday, December 9, 2010

it's happening

Please forgive the dullness. This is my life as of late.

Our move is progressing thanks to Jessica, who has helped me pack dozens of boxes and organize like crazy these past couple days. It may not look like much now, but if you could see that the front column of boxes is actually the front of 3 columns, and if you knew how much rearranging we've done to get everything into our basement, you'd be impressed. Pretty much all we have left is clothing, kitchen paraphernalia, the bedding we're still using, and stuff that will go in our car, not the moving truck. The fact that I'm moving to Washington has yet to hit me. We'll see how I feel during crunch time.


  1. Let the moving begin!!!! See you in Washington!!!

  2. Hello,
    I came across your blog and took the time to read it. It sounds like your life is real good and your so grateful for all that you have and have been given. So refreshing. I wish you the best moving and I am following you to read how your move goes and the new life ahead. Nice to meet you.