Thursday, January 6, 2011

i really like this video

"Animal" by Neon Trees

funny story:

So this past summer, Amber came to stay with us for about a month. We had a blast having her with us, really, most especially Emory. And perhaps one of the best parts for us about having a teenager around was breaking out of our stiff adulthood shells to appreciate some lighthearted fun. So, she finally convinced us to watch the Twilight movies (mostly because the first one was on tv and she hadn't seen the second one yet either), but not without warning that they're bad. And cheesy. And so on. So watched we did, after years of wondering why on earth there would be so much hype about vampire flicks/ books. Duh, they aren't about vampires. They're about teen romance. I hadn't a clue. After watching the movies, Amber insisted the the books are better and loaned me her copies to read. So read I did. And I won't lie, I enjoyed the stories, literary genius aside. I guess I can appreciate the classics and thought provoking literature, but I can also appreciate a good storyteller within the contemporary world of pop culture. Anyway, Jon teased (still does) me mercilessly about actually enjoying the books. Though he'll admit to enjoying the movies, particularly Eclipse, which thank goodness has much better graphics, though still only one decent actor.

But about the song, when I first started hearing it all the time (another bonus to having a teenager around is becoming introduced to new music--I know this doesn't seem like it should be hard to do on one's own, but I never listened to the radio), I sang along with what Jon insisted were the wrong lyrics to the chorus, "Oh, oh/I want some more/Oh, oh/What are you waitin' for?/Take a bite of my heart tonight." He told me that it wasn't about vampires and that I was just too caught up in the SAGA. Then while Kendal accompanied me during Christmas shopping, the song came on in the car, and I told her about my lyric suspicions. So she looked it up and sure enough, I was right. I called Jon immediately and told him, victoriously. And now we laugh about it every time we hear the song.

the above photos were taken on our family camping trip to La Push last August.
to prove that the Twilight tour was not the reason for our trip, I'll include a shot of Jon and me on the beach in La Push from August 2005, long before pop culture ever made that part of the world famous.
it's an outstanding camping spot that's now overrun by touring Twilight fans from all over the world.

ps don't we look young in that last photo?
pps I'm totally team Jacob.


  1. Okay, I'm really sorry I comment on every post, but did you know that they're from Provo? The band, not the vampires. You probably do, it was probably common knowledge in Utah, sorry if that's the case.

  2. GO team JACOB!!! I am still bummed we didn't get to go together!! Good thing we both live in Washington now :)