Monday, February 21, 2011

i married well

I knew soon after I met Jon that if I married him, I would marry well, but it's confirmed to me more little by little as time passes. He really is perfect for me. You see, we just started attending the Camano Island ward, since we know we'll be planting roots here. Coincidentally (or not since we'll be planting ourselves on his parents' property), it's the same ward that welcomed him when he got baptized into the LDS church at age 17. Though he hasn't lived with his parents for years, people in the congregation still know him and it's a welcome feeling to be loved just by association. (They really love him here).

For instance, yesterday as I sat in Sunday school, a kind woman sitting behind me tapped me on the shoulder to ask where we moved from, where we went to school, what we're doing now, etc. After I answered her inquiries, she offered a sweet story from when Jon was still in high school. She informed me that she always remembered him because of a youth activity once at which he was the only youth who came in to help with the dishes after the festivities ended. She said she knew then that he was a great kid and would turn into a wonderful man. I have to admit, I beamed a little at her story because I get to reap the benefits of his kind, considerate nature daily. I really did marry well.

And I married my best friend. Last night, we discovered how fun photo booth is. (Please tell me how we haven't discovered this in the past 3 years we've owned macs?) And we laughed so hard as we played around with the effects and our smoldering skills. We totally blew our early bedtime, but it was well worth it.

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  1. Clearly, I didn't do too bad myself.