Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i didn't expect this on camano

Jon woke me up this morning before we actually woke up and said "look outside." Even in my sleepy stupor I couldn't believe it. And by the time we got up at almost 9:45 (snow does amazing things to keep things quiet and promote heavy sleeping in apparently), we found 5-6 inches of fresh snow covering everything we could see. Eventually, the skies to the north cleared just enough to reveal the gorgeous water, as the clouds moved south and provided an almost charcoal backdrop for the snow-covered evergreens. When Emory hunkered down for his nearly 4-hour nap, we snuggled up to The Godfather on AMC and let Paisley meander out onto the deck where she skirted around the snow and still managed to explore the most she ever has outside. And later, we ventured out for little E's first time playing in the snow. (I know, I know, we just moved from Utah, but we didn't have a yard at our disposal at our last place, and Emory was too little last winter). By that time, the cold Canadian winds thrashed the snow into our faces, so we became expert wind-blockers for our little man.

After Emory had enough of being plopped in the snow, being plowed by dogs, and watching us build a snowman, I brought him inside where we shed our wet layers of clothing and gave him some hot cocoa. Because what would a good play in the snow be without a cocoa chaser? He drank it while sitting under the heating pad and enjoyed the moment, as you can see.

ps this reminded us of Christmas 2008 when it snowed and snowed and snowed and Olivia discovered how much she loves the fluffy white stuff. don't worry, she reminded us today how she feels about it.


  1. Whoa. That place is so pretty, especially covered in snow.