Saturday, February 26, 2011

today my baby turned 18 months old

I guess that means he's not quite a baby anymore. He is an adorable toddler, full of life and fun and intelligence and personality. Lately Emory is becoming more assertive with his opinions, and at times, it's an adventure trying to figure out just what he wants within his extremely specific desires, but I love that he has those desires and the fire within him to make them known in one way or another. He mimics everything we do: brushes his and our hair, washes his own body in the bath; copies signs for communication and songs (The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Head Shoulders, Knees, and Toes are big hits); directs music (on his own accord but to the beat, mostly) at church; dances on command, mostly to Justin Bieber, but what can we say, he's got catchy songs... Emory is also showing us more and more of what a sneaky comedian he can be. This side of him comes out mostly at the dinner table and when he should be napping but isn't. Most words he says have been shortened to one syllable without the ending consonant like "buh" for book, "da" for Dad, and "ber" for Amber. Oh, and every syllable ends in a dramatic up-speak tone. He also doesn't stop moving at all during awake times of the day, remaining busy, busy busy, mostly carrying small objects around the house. (He especially loves a couple of the refrigerator magnets). I love Emory so much, and I'm so happy to be his mother, even through all the new challenges every phase of his life brings. The joys and blessings I get just for knowing him are much greater than any struggles I have to endure.

Emory spent his day today a little sick with a cold, but so happy to play with Amber. He had to stay especially active since if he sat still, he would have fallen asleep. The little stinker, even sick and with tylenol in his system, didn't nap until we drove to Seattle at 4 pm, and because of the snow, our trip back made him get to bed late as well. At least he celebrated by going to Dick's for dinner and consuming an entire hamburger by himself, after hoards of snacks. When he's hungry, he's hungry.

I took these photos this afternoon, just before we headed out the door for Seattle, sleepy boy yawning and rubbing his tired eyes, but terrified to slow down and give in to sleep.

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