Monday, February 28, 2011

looking back

Today we planned for the dealership, using a model that Jon created after the one from Preach My Gospel. And it was wonderful, and productive, and will help us be wonderful and productive. But then this afternoon, I remembered the first summer we were married and our spontaneity. One day, Jon picked me up from work at BYU and told me we were headed on a date. He proceeded to drive so far south that I turned to him and asked if we were going to Las Vegas. We did just that. And extended our trip to visit his Nunu in Newport Beach, CA. That trip holds some of our dear memories, especially as a newly-married couple. I love that he planned it all, packed my clothes, and surprised me, and that we did it in our Mini, which turned into our bed/ hotel room one of the nights. I'm happy that we know how to be all responsible and whatnot, especially now that we have a child, but I'm also happy that we spent the summer of 2008 basking in the glory and freedom of newlywed bliss.

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