Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i must have dreamt about southern utah last night

In fact, I'm almost certain I did because today, I miss it like crazy. Jon and I loved in Utah for about 3 years (well, I lived there for most of the past 8 years, minus a break from school after my sophomore year at BYU and my mission), but it wasn't until we first traveled to the southern half of the state that we learned to love Utah. The funny thing is that all we talked about for most of the 3 years we lived there is how much we couldn't wait to move to Washington, so I guess I feel a little hypocritical, lamenting my sadness and longing for the red desert now that I'm back home. There's something eerie and sublime about the vast, unpopulated portions of Utah that were once covered by sea. And I like that I love it. The areas we left unexplored give us reason to return, and return we will.

photo taken almost a year ago on our trip to Bryce Canyon with Jon and Joy

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