Tuesday, August 23, 2011

summer came and summer goes

Summer passed so quickly that I didn't have the chance to really relish in its goodness. Though to be fair, warm weather arrived in the PNW only a few weeks ago, so I suppose it really didn't feel like the season arrived until recently anyway, except for a few fleeting days of warmth and sun here and there. Perhaps it's because this summer coincides with an extremely busy season of our lives; the beginning of June marked the ground-breaking and foundation for our home and we've been making decision after decision ever since--a full-time job, we took an impromptu trip to the Oregon Coast, we have watched Emory grow and change so much in the past few months and he turns 2 this Friday--hard to believe, we have seen ups and downs with the dealership, we traveled to Eastern Washington to visit with family and participate in temple work together and then took scenic Highway 2 on the way back, we've come to know the Camano/ Stanwood community much better--thanks to Zumba, the list could go on...

Most of our days are full, in one way or another, and I'm realizing that I'm sad that I've let summer pass while being so preoccupied with this and that--I haven't fully allowed myself to enjoy this time. So my goal is this: I will enjoy the rest of my summer, take Emory to the beach at least once per week (the park too!), actually spend evenings in the hammock with Jon, and eat the bounty of late summer produce. I will welcome Emory's second birthday, renewed and ready to take on more challenges and joys as a mother (he's really working both sides of parenthood these days), and I will live--not just do, but live.

And now some photos from the past couple months, mostly courtesy of the iphone and mostly in order.
the summer started out with a mostly bad haircut... poor little guy and his straight across the head bangs... though now his hair is so long he can pull off a Justin Bieber pre-haircut look
Dr. Seuss character?
watching the Cars 2 preview before heading to see it as his first theater experience
early round of birthday gifts + exhaustion all in one day
this is us. 3 + 1 fat cat on a diet.

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