Thursday, August 25, 2011

summertime sickies

Emory and I got sick out of nowhere the other day, and yesterday, we spent the day lazing on my bed, watching Cars, chatting, and whatnot. I think he kind of soaked up his sick day to be honest. I'm feeling a little better today, which is good because I hope he's feeling better too, since his birthday is tomorrow and we have big plans to go to Jetty Island in the morning, pre-nap and have a family party in the evening, post-nap. Anyway, we took a few sick pictures together yesterday, Emory's exposed belly and all.
This last photo makes my heart so happy. Emory loves pillows, and he kicked back, arms behind his head, watching his movie. When I went to take a picture of him, he got too excited, watching his reflection in the computer, and took his arms out. Trying to recreate the pose, I told him to put them back behind his head, and this is what I got. Eddie, his puppy, behind his head (he likes to store things there) and his arms above his head. The delay in photobooth left only one arm hanging, but you get the idea.

And then he was so adorable that I had to break out the real camera, not just photobooth.
On the left, yesterday, and on the right today. Not much different other than the clothing and today it was The Adventures of Milo and Otis. All the essentials: Guillaume the giraffe, Eddie the puppy, a blankie, and some cars.

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  1. He's absolutely adorable. I love all those dimples! Hope you get better quick, you seem to have been hit with bugs a lot this summer.