Tuesday, October 18, 2011

north cascades highway; state scenic byway

After I taught zumba yesterday morning, Emory and I headed up to the dealership with the intent to find the little man's birth certificate and social security card in our storage (found and found, thank goodness), and choose a couple last minute things at the tile/vinyl/carpet/countertop place. However, it was too gorgeous a day to pass up the opportunity when Jon suggested we blow off the afternoon and take a drive on Highway 20 east. After taking a care of a few more business things and stopping to pick up some snacks at the food co-op, we headed northeast onto a beautiful drive. Perhaps a big reason why he pushed so hard for the trip is the Audi S4 the dealership recently obtained. (I can't say I blame him because I love, love, love this car too). We stopped at a few lookout points and really enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and watching Emory experience new things like moss and a short hike on his feet. We've really been missing our yearly autumn trips to southern Utah lately--even to the north rim of the Grand Canyon last year--and our little adventure that took up a mere half day satisfied (for now) our need to explore as a family, just the three of us. 

the trip worked well for E to get a little sleep, and he's so adorable when he sleeps, pouty lips and wild hair
and then Emory started running off the path like a woodland creature in the trees

Lake Diablo
pit stop in the cold, last before the drive home

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