Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pumpkin love 2011

We've really begun my birthday week well, with our day trip Monday and a trip to Carleton Farm--with most of both our families--for pumpkins yesterday. Despite our great anticipation for the farm's advertised activities (we chose yesterday because of the gorgeous, unseasonably warm weather), we discovered that the kid's train and hay rides only run on weekends. We forged ahead anyway, with rain in the forecast for the rest of the week. Emory started the visit to the farm in tears but lightened up at the sight of the tractor.
his eyes are still blue and he's almost 2 months past 2. does that mean they'll stay?

describing what a tractor does to his grandma

Jon Sr. on a mission to find mini Emory-sized pumpkins (the lens is zoomed far--he traipsed way out there)

little e's adorable self at almost 3 feet tall

he may or may not have thrown this pumpkin (and several others) right after this picture

photos as proof of Kenny and Kendal's presence. not sure why there are no others except that our walk-around lens is broken and it's difficult to capture everything you want with a zoom lens when you still want to enjoy the festivities

We walked away with 5 pumpkins, no scary trips into the corn maze, and an apple cider slushie (so good).

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