Friday, October 21, 2011


I love birthdays, and I really don't mind getting older. I think it's a wonderful thing that every year brings new challenges that hopefully help me progress into a better person in one way or another. In any case, I think celebrating life on birthdays is fabulous.

When we woke up I requested we go to Scandia for breakfast. After asking Emory about multiple food options as we ordered and him replying "no" to all of them, he pointed to the pumpkin pie in the display. And since it was my birthday, the little man had pumpkin pie for breakfast and loved it. Though he may have loved the hot chocolate more once he tasted it. From there, E and I headed south to meet up with my mom for massage/ rolfing appointments, a shopping trip, and pho for lunch. I got to see my sisters and Kenny for just a few minutes before we came back north to go to zumba. The other instructors on the team have really become like family for me and it was fun to see so many of them and the amazing students even though I couldn't dance (Ana, the rolfer, spent a good 90 minutes putting my muscles back into their proper places and they need a couple days to recuperate).
I rounded off the evening opening more birthday gifts--I feel so spoiled! Then Jon and I went to grab a quick bite and then saw Moneyball. Thanks to all who made me feel so special and loved.

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  1. Happy birthday Meghan! Now I'm going to have to go google rolfing to figure out what kind of massage you're taking about...