Tuesday, November 1, 2011

when it was still october

I've never really gotten into Halloween all that much, but having a kid makes it more fun and having a 2-year-old who is starting to catch on to things like holidays is even better. We celebrated a couple times this year, and yesterday's celebration came with zumba, since we have several classes on Mondays. Our students came decked out in costumes to dance, brought friends, and really made classes so much fun. The people in this community are amazing and we're so lucky to know them. It felt rather appropriate to celebrate with my zumba family--the team members really feel like family to me, and I love that.
Zumba Gold class

Zumba class

please, pay no mind to the sweatiness--photos came after teaching 2 classes

Miss Sheri and Emory

E adores Sheri's kids, especially Mariah, and he was in heaving chasing them around the room after class

Sheri, me, Lara, Sandy, Juanita, Janita--love them all.

after class we headed to one of the local fire stations for hot dogs, treats, a haunted house through the garage, and driving the fire truck

upon returning home, our little Superman had to race his car all over the house to wear off some of his sugar energy
(no harm in trying to balance some of the sweet with a salty booger, right?)

Happy Halloween!

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