Monday, March 26, 2012

and just like that, it's almost april

I used to blog so much, I'd spend time taking pictures of this and that and making sure I had something to say or show for almost every day. And then we moved back to Washington, and it seems the rest is history. Perhaps my current blogging trend proves that my previous habits were fueled by grandparents who lived far away and didn't get to see Emory in the flesh all the time. But now I'm kind of sad, feeling a little like I really want to blog more, to document more of our lives. Since I don't scrapbook at all, or write in my journal often (and anyway, the writing in there is much different than in this web space), blogging seems to be the only way I can really record the daily moments I don't want to forget.

Then I realized the other night when I took these photos of a sick, tired boy that they are the first non-iphone, real camera shots we have of our child since probably early January. Shameful, indeed. I take for granted that I see and experience Emory every day, and I don't even realize how much he changes, but as I looked back through photos of the last 4-5 months or so, I recognized so many physical changes in him. The little man is so grown up these days, 2 1/2+, completely potty trained (except at sleep times), learning and using new words and sentences by the hour, asserting opinions, singing (he insists on "Silent Night" at least once a day and knows the words to the first verse), using his sense of humor, biting his nails--see below, and basically thinking he runs the world.
 In these images, Emory is sitting on a chaise lounge in our office, laughing at either Paisley or the missionaries; both were present that evening. My mom loaned us the chair for our huge house in need of furniture, and Eman loves it, and spends time every day in the office, claiming it as his throne.

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  1. He really looks like a little boy, no longer a baby. I am glad to see that Liam isn't the only one who's pajama pants turn into shorts. Must be all the running around.