Tuesday, March 27, 2012

why i love jon's new job

Last Friday the sun and blue skies graced us with their gorgeous presence. And if you're from the PNW, you know that in March, that's a rare occasion. Jon had to go look at a vacation rental property on Orcas Island, so Emory and I enthusiastically tagged along; I mean, who could pass up a trip on the San Juan ferry on a gorgeous day to beautiful Orcas Island? E could hardly contain his excitement about going on a boat "bupfff"(it doesn't matter how many times we try to tell him how to actually say "boat," he insists on his way), and he's talked about it every day since. 
that's a "WOW" coming out of an really happy little boy

just keep in mind, it was reeeeally sunny that day--not the best conditions for taking photos
Emory kept insisting he saw "wheales," and I don't know if he did or not, but I have to give the kid some credit for his eyesight. I'm usually a skeptic until I see what he's seen 2 minutes before. For example, we saw 2 "cotder" (helicopters), after E first sighted them, that day as well.
We played on the beach for a while, allowing Jon to get some shots and videos of the property without our background noise. I turned over a few rocks to show the little man some crabs, and put one on his hand... it clung to his finger and freaked him out a bit but now he laughs about it like the experience left him with a great memory. 

the pussy willows are in bloom!

Within 5 minutes or less of pulling away from the vacation rental, Emory fell hard asleep and stayed that way as we ascended part way up Mount Constitution to get some shots of the area. Some kind strangers offered to take a picture of Jon and me, and we gratefully accepted. All weekend we talked about how nice it was to spend the day all together, doing something so fun. We're definitely grateful for Jon's job and for the opportunities he has because of it, and we hope to make outings to the San Juan Islands more frequent as he signs properties for the company.

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