Thursday, April 18, 2013

emory is still our number 1

For several months, I've been trying to soak up the last of Emory's young childhood innocence. I had a realization sometime last fall that he's growing up--every joyful and or painful stage of his life gets him closer to milestones like kindergarten and a little further away from my being my little boy. He's already moved to preferring his dad more than me (I know this is a natural process, especially for Emory who is Jon's miniature clone) and I'm learning to accept it and not take this preference personally. I mean, I'd choose spending time with Jon over anyone else any day as well. Anyway, we've had our struggles with a 3 to 3 1/2 year old gaining more independence over the past several months, but something switched in Emory when Penn was born. He went from allowing insecurities to overcome him to becoming a proud, responsible older brother, relaxed about having a new baby in the house. I'm sure that speaks volumes about my misery in pregnancy the last couple months, but thankfully I know we can all recover from that and move on! We've had only a couple moments since Penn's birth that really remind me that Emory is still as young as he is, and  I'm so happy to see my first little boy blossoming so positively. I adore him. It's crazy how overnight, he seemed so grown up as soon as we met Penn--he's suddenly way heavier, with way bigger features and so much maturity.

And now some photos of the past several months, that epitomize Emory throughout these stages...

with a Ferrari 308 (his favorite) at the LeMay car museum in Tacoma last November (also, those are his favorite pants and he always chooses to wear them when they're clean)

working with his tools to help put the lights on the tree

loving nana and nunu's kitties; playing mariocart on the wii with Amber

pure joy on that face!

dutifully carrying his backpack through the airport for our flight to Salt Lake City


enchanted by the snow (and snow plows) in Utah--he sat on the heater of our hotel and watched snow plows and trax whenever we were in our room

loving hot chocolate--for months hot chocolate and play doh went hand in hand

using chopsticks for the first time on a "family date;" on a mama date with me to starbucks (I believe we went to subway and the park that day as well, all dictated by where E wanted to spend time)

throwing a birthday party for Jack, his baby, and animals. my third trimester self could only muster cookies, though E requested a cake. also, Jack has been E's best friend, baby, and alter ego for the past several months... Jack loves cheetos for just about every meal and most definitely for protein, he has frisbee and tennis and track, goes to dances, and if E gets in trouble, Jack told him to do it. also of note is the baby in Emory's tummy, who I think is gone now that Penn is here, but he always got the hiccups and kicked often, and E even shared his own pregnancy woes with the midwife during my appointments.

loving the spit sucker thing at the dentist; falling asleep on my lap (this happened a couple times in January, and I only realized several days later it was due to a nasty virus we all caught)

loving his overalls and the beach, and scooping rocks with a found shell, of course

bringing toy after toy to our room to play in my presence during lazy pregnant mornings; pushing the stroller he's now too big for on several family walks to try to encourage labor and enjoy early spring weather

shaving like his daddy taught him to (don't worry, there's no blade)

How could you not love Emory Shawn? Now here's to hoping having Penn around has cured E of his aversion to primary and sunbeam class--we'll find out this Sunday!

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