Friday, September 13, 2013

in the year of the porsche

^^^kids playing games, including a little Porsche racing game. many thanks to Kendal and her camp counsellor skills

Over the past year since the Ferrari cake from Emory's 3rd birthday, the boy has become completely in love/ unhealthily obsessed with/ incredibly acknowledgeable about Porsches. Naturally, when we asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday this year, he expressed his main concerns about Porsches being the garnish. And somehow out of that, we made up a few simple games that turned the entire thing into a Porsche-themed party. Needless to say, Emory went around talking about it for weeks prior, and had a huge smile on his face for the entire party. We let him have his first "friend" party this year, (he got to invite 4 friends, since he turned 4) and held a no-presents-allowed policy, knowing we would get together with family on his actual birthday. However, we couldn't resist and let him open his first gift from us the morning of the Porsche party so he could represent his favorite car with his new shirt. 

^^^pin the parts on the Porsche- thank goodness I have an artistic husband

^^^some attendees brought parents and siblings. fun!
^^^ice cream making: messy and cold, but I think the kids liked it mostly for the novelty and the bowls of toppings

^^^I couldn't resist this adorable sequence of Emory faces, leading up to the chocolate goatee

^^^Porsche wheel pinata: a total hit, thanks to my homemade paper mache knowledge and Jon's painting ingenuity, the whole project cost less than $5 
^^^lastly, Emory and his adorable friend, Eve, who brought him a present, and then they hugged. Eve is much more outgoing than Emory- priceless moment.

Hayley came down from Canada for the weekend too- what a treat! We love Hayley and her spontaneous trip-taking ability, and she was such a good sport about playing with kids. 

PS don't get me started on blogger and it's atrocious formatting these days. This post would look way better, but I've spent far too long fighting a losing battle and I quit.

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