Sunday, September 15, 2013


This baby. I adore him. He's sometimes a stinker, most of the time pretty easy-going, always incredibly active, and forever adorable. Penn sleeps incredibly well at night and not so well for naps unless someone (me) holds him. This means I mostly watch too much Netflix, but at least I feel the heavy weight of his precious body against mine. He changed and grew so much from mid-July until now... the past two months have come and gone more quickly than any in my life.

I've been thinking lately how life is a series of moments and events that fade into memories. As time continues to pass more quickly than I thought possible, I have made the decision to relish those moments and events in the moment a little more. I have a love/ hate relationship with my iphone currently- all the photos in this post are courtesy of the iphone camera and I love that convenience- I want to disconnect from technology more and notice my children more, play with them more, love them more.

The week after we returned from our trip to southern California (a week or so before his 4-month birthday), Penn started rolling from his back to his stomach and really pushing up. Around the same time, he started grabbing toys for real, and the rolling became useful in getting to said toys. Then he determined Emory is the coolest person ever- especially for his big boy toys, discovered his toes, and decided the bath is the greatest place to spend time. The milestones continue with pretty much sitting unassisted (for at least a minute and longer if he doesn't think about it too much, and the cutest ever bum-in-the-air-feet-push-forward thing- crawling is soon, I'm sure. And despite my attempts to hold this child from table food until 6 months, he's been eating avocado off and on for about a month now, and loves homemade yams, as of a couple days ago.

And now a smattering of photos, in mostly chronological order, from the past almost 2 months.
^^^on his 4-month birthday, completely maxing out a 6-month size outfit

^^^the day he discovered his toes

^^^one of many, many days at the beach during the summer months- we took Briana with us that time!

^^^taken by Hayley (she's the best!), and pretty comical when you look closely

^^^these last 4 photos are from Penn's 5-month birthday, including his first movie theater experience to see Planes for Emory's birthday... baby boy behaved like a true gentleman for the movie.

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