Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fireman Emory and Penn Dragon

Our Halloween began last night at the trunk-or-treat at church, and Emory had SO much fun driving his firetruck down the line of cars. The decision to let him do so may not have been the best on our part,  considering all the candy crazed other children around and the gas pedal that sticks, but seriously, he loved every minute. Penn remained such a trooper until the minute I put him to bed way too late, though for most of the night he had a soggy diaper and hadn't had enough to eat.

The festivities continued this morning at Emory's preschool, with the entire day devoted to Halloween. I got to be there to see the cute fireman in action with his friends, watching as he made crafts and trick-or-treated around the building.

After naps for the boys and dinner with the missionaries, we headed to the local fire station, but not before taking a few poorly lit photos of boys in costume. They are adorable anyway, and Penn's costume is rather fitting since we sometimes call him "Dragon."This holiday is so much more fun with kids.

Our trip to the fire station made me appreciate our local firemen so much more. They all LOVED Emory and his costume. Truth be told, we had decided on him being a pilot for Halloween, but he changed his mind the day the fire unit visited his school. We went to the store later that day and E spotted THE costume he had to have. Tonight, Fireman Boyle was so thrilled that he went to get his coat and hat for a picture.

Oh and, Emory and his little best girl friend Eve dressed the same for the church party. Too fun.

The sugar free-for-all worked in our favor tonight when Emory ended it mid-airhead and said he couldn't take any more for at least a week. Awesome.

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