Friday, November 1, 2013

before we got too busy to carve our pumpkin

I'm not quite sure where the second half of October went, but seriously, I feel like we've been running full tilt since a couple days before my birthday. I'm in for a lazier November, especially because I think I have sick kids this weekend, and so obviously, slow down. I really really loved October though, until I got too busy and cranky about it this past week. It has been the most gorgeous fall--mixed with a week of thick fog too, but the pacific northwest has to balance its beauty with things like that so it doesn't get too overcrowded, right? Anyway, the leaves have been spectacular, and we've had mostly dry, sunny weather, so I can't complain. 

We found a great, huge pumpkin patch here a couple years ago, complete with pumpkin cannons and fresh made, hot pumpkin donuts, so we went the Monday after my birthday and took Amber only to discover that the bulk of the activities only happen on Saturdays. We talked about going back but never made it. After deciding to make the best of the empty patch, Penn quickly figured out how to use a straw with an apple cider slushy. This kid is motivated. Then we picked a pumpkin and Amber did too, and I think she carved hers, at least. My saving grace is that Emory and I carved one last week with my MOPS group, so one pumpkin carved is better than no pumpkins carved, I suppose. 

 I have to say that I don't mind that I have one kid who looks like me, at least he sometimes does.

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