Wednesday, December 18, 2013

halfway through

I'm not sure how I never posted these photos months and months ago, when they were actually relevant, but I just found them saved in a draft and since last night was the preschool's Christmas program, I guess they're somewhat relevant.

It's awesome having a preschooler! I think Emory and I both felt pretty nervous in the weeks leading up to the beginning of this new era, but on the actual first day of school, we both proved our readiness by him happily going into the building and asking where to find his teacher. He goes three days a week for 2.5 hours, and I really love it. Emory does too, and he really loves his teacher, Mrs. Westerman (he calls her "Mr. Westerman" because it rolls off the tongue so nicely).

Emory has learned the letters through L so far, and numbers through 6, and as his writing becomes more legible, his confidence in art projects is growing as well. The kid loves to cut things. He can write his whole name, though he chooses to call himself "Emo" because the r and y are a little tricky for him, and I guess he wouldn't be my child if he weren't a perfectionist. (Sorry kiddo). I have a goal to work on it with him while school is out for the next couple weeks so he can go back and surprise everyone by writing his whole name all the time... we'll see how that goes!

The past month or so seems to be a growing period, just because E has shown a little more attitude and nervousness about school, but I think that's normal? So now it's Christmas break and it's not even 30 minutes past when he would normally get home, and neither one of us know what to do with all the time and energy we have, especially since it's cold outside. Wish us luck! We will welcome January 6 with open arms.

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