Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Penn, just a week shy of 8 months old

Go figure I would finally get around to posting these photos, just almost a week after Penn actually turned 9 months old. I still feel like I'm in October- I can't possibly comprehend that Christmas has already come and gone.

This baby is so much fun, and in the past month and a half is even more so. He started army crawling a week before Halloween, and he's so fast that even though he sometimes crawls on his knees, most of the time he chooses to flop back to his belly and propel himself forward with extreme upper body strength. The move is adorable because Penn alternates arms so when he comes towards you, he looks like he's rowing a boat. One of his nicknames is "rowboat," fittingly. His favorite things are eating paper, reading books, and playing in Emory's room, including climbing all over his brother. In the past week or so, Penn has also become somewhat of a motor head- big surprise! He has two teeth and is cutting a couple more, and doesn't sleep through the night any more, but after his well child check, we may suffer through a few mights of uncomfortable noise to try to get him to do so again. Speaking of, he's 20 pounds and 28 inches, exactly 50th percentile. It's so hard to believe how much someone so tiny can eat, but I swear we can't keep him full. I love that I hear constant babble from Penn's cute little voice, that he understands a few signs now, and that he'll entertain himself for a long time, just crawling to explore, then sitting to play awhile. I remember 9 months was one of my very favorite ages with Emory too, so I'll try to relish it even more. 

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