Sunday, May 4, 2014

the day my baby turned 1-year-old

 Consider this a humongous lot of photos from Penn's first birthday. We documented the occasion well, starting with breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes (Emory's favorite breakfast too), and playing with the dog crate. The afternoon allowed the baby his first real taste of frosting, and Nicki, our friend brought a bouquet of balloons and the most adorable bear-shaped homemade bread, complete with chocolate chip eyes, a belly button, and a chocolate covered blueberry nose. We spent the evening after dinner playing in the yard, and Penn loved roaming in the grass, eating dirt, and being genuinely adorable. Throw in an energetic dog and an over-tired Emory (who became happy just before going inside for the night), and it remains one of the best days I can remember as our family of four.

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